++++++ U P D A T E D ++++++

SUNDAY, May 15th


Come celebrate my birthday in Berkeley on Sunday the 15th.
A day at the race tracks and dinner at VCH!

P A R T . O N E 


A I R !!!!!! BONUS !!!!!! H O R N
 It's Dollar Day
$1 Admission, $1 Programs,
$1 Beer, $1 Hot Dogs

There will be 9 races that day, 
The first race starts at 1:45, there's a race very 30 minutes, 
so the last one will be at 5:45. 

I'll probably be getting there around 12:45 to figure out 
how I'm gonna make a lot of $ money $ so I can just do my own shit, 
but feel free to get there anytime. 
I'll most likely just be hanging in the Main bandstand ($1)

They let you bring food in, just be sly about it.

You can take Bart to North Berkley, 
They have a shuttle that comes there every 15-20 mins, 
or you can bike or Lyft over, it's only 2 miles away.

P A R T . T W O
< < < < DINNER > > > >

After a hard day of work at the tracks, I'll be going to
Vik's Chaat House 
Who ever whats to join!
They're open til 8 PM, so it won't be a late one.
There might be a couple people driving or we can get
 some Lyfts to get from the tracks to Vik's

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